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Pots conductors

Work platform between two pots

A heat and fire-resistant work platform that can be put up between two pots. Four (4) platforms for each side of the pot.

Système de commandes pour vérin de cadre anodique de la superstructure en atelier
Anode Beam Jack Control System

A system that's consist on a remote control, a transformer and a connector these are able to adjust the anode beam in the workshop.

Câble équipotentiel pour caisson
Equipotential Pot Shell Cable

Equipotential cable with an auto presence detector. When one or the two ends is disconnected, an alarm is sounded.

Système de détection de tension dangereuse (SDTD)v
Safety voltage measurement system (SVMS)

It is a autonome safety device can be fix on lifting beam. This system measure voltage between the pot and the lifting beam.

Anode beam contacts grinding and welding

It is about an equipment which can rectify the contact areas (anodes) of the anode beam. The first unit can grind the contact area and the other one rebuild the aluminum surface. Designed to be used either in workshop or in the potrooms.

*In collaboration with Canmec inc.*

Soudeuse pour conducteur (Aluminium et Acier)
Welding machine (aluminium and Steel)

Electric welding machine portable for welding on conductors (steel and Aluminum)

Système de préchauffage des isolants de DPAA
Pre heating system for CAFD insulating parts

Removable heating sheet with fasteners for preheat the concrete section up to 130 °C.

Système pour redresser les montées positives
System of positive riser straighten tools

It is a removable system made of four (4)  pieces able to straifhten out the positive riser shape. The system is using and hydraulic device and could be activated by air.