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Potlining and Potdelining

Atelier de brasquage temporaire (Design et aménagement)
Potlining Facility- Lay-out

The temporary potlining facility and/or arrangement of an existing workshop, is according to needs of a transition either permanent one including all the services necessary for potlining (electric and mechanical).

Coffre à Outils
Tools Box

The Tools boxes are available on different models. They are used for storage or transportation of Potlining equipment

Superstructure repair workshop lay-out

The Temporary Superstructure repair facility and/or arrangement of an existing workshop, is according to needs of a transition either permanent one including all the services necessary for maintenance (electric and mechanical

Système de chauffage cathodique
Cathode Heating System

Each system consists of a portable electric heating unit that is connected to a pneumatic mattress. Each unit can heat approximately 
12 square meters.

 Règle de briquetage
Straightedge for brickwork

The adjustable Straightedge for brickwork are used within the Potlining process

Scie pour brique
Cutting Saw [type 1]

The cutting saw is used to cut the brick or refractory material during the potlining process

Système de manutention d'objet (Potence)
Side Slab Handling System [type 1]

A crane equipped with a vaccuum system that is able to carry slabs or bags.

Support pour monté positive
Temporary support for the positive riser

A temporary frame designed to prop up the positive riser of the superstructure during transportation.

Mixer à Béton
Concrete mixer [type 1]

Different model of mixer are available depending on needs as well as on the used material. European and American standard available

Support pour tronçon droit d'évacuation des gaz
Supports for the Straight Gas Exhaust Duct

A temporary detachable support designed to prop up the gas exhaust duct when the superstructure is removed.

Système de délimitation de zone (gyrophare)
Gyrophare (Revolving Light) to mark the working boundary in pot room

A revolving light system that is able to demarcate 
the working area in pot room. This system does not require an external power source and can operate within magnetic fields. 

Ratelier de transport
Portable Storage Rack

A rack used to transport and store the superstructure’s appurtenances (may vary according to the quantity and/or needs of the customer).

Potlining Stairs (self-adjustable) [type 1]

Stairs that provide access to the pot that are automatically adjustable to the various briquetting levels.

Tilting Bucket for Transporting Concrete

A tilting bucket that is able to carry cement/concrete from the mixer to wherever needed.

Fourche auto-équilibrante
Self-Balancing Fork [type 1]

A lifting system for brick/bag pallets that is fixed to the hook on the overhead travelling crane (self-balancing).

Portable vacuum cleaner [type 1]

This is an industrial vacuum system which can suck up the majority of the types of dust. Designed to be used within potrooms area. Light and transportable in various manners.

*In collaboration with Filtrartech inc.*

Pilonnette pour damage
Tamper for ramming [type 1]

The tamper is used to compact the ramming paste during the operation of brasquage.

Piveau mobile pour rotation pour superstructure
Rotator system of superstructure

This rotator system of superstructure allows to turn the superstructure into the work place. On the rotator, the superstructure can be turned with human energy.

Couverture isolante
Insulating blanket

Insulating blanket used during the potlining process to preserve the cathode blocks temperature.

Couvertures isolantes pour gaine de captation
Insulating blanket for fume duck

Insulating blanket to be installed on fume duck to prevent the worker against hot temperature contact.

Heating box for lining paste

The heating box is used to transport and keep the lining paste at the installation temperature (prior to ramming process).

Abris chauffant pour pâte à brasquage
Paste heating tent

Each tent is used for homogenous heating at needed temperature of the lining paste to line the potshell.

Tente amovible pour le brasquage dans les halls d'électrolyse
Removable Heating tent for potlining in Situ

Removable tent used to preheat one pot in Situ during the potlining during winter time. 

Tente pour machine de damage
Tent for Ramming machine

Tent used to preheat one pot prior of the ramming process within the winter period.  

Palonnier (type 1)
Lifting Beam for side Block and for Cathode lifting beam

The lifting beam is used to install the cathode blocks or side blocks in the potshell.     

Outils variés pour le brasquage Outils variés pour le brasquage
Miscellaneous tools for potlining

Engineering and fabrication of miscellaneous tools for potlining (based on client technical information).

Plate-forme remplacement goulotte
Spout removable platform

Removable platform with support retain by the superstructure ceiling to provide access to the superstructure accessories.

Lot outils Génériques pour Démarrage Lot outils Génériques pour Démarrage2
Generic tools for pot start-up

Engineering and fabrication of miscellaneous tools for pot start-up (based on client technical information).

Remorque pour superstructure
Superstructure trailer

The superstructure trailer is used to move or store a complete superstructure.

Garde amovible de sécurité pour superstructure
Superstructure safety hand rail

The removable safety guards allows the works in complete safety on the top of the superstructure

Équipements de positionnement Hydrauliques
Hydraulic positioning equipments

Various hydraulic jacks and accessories such: adapted structure , etc. which can be used during the briquetting of pots.

Machine de brasquage [A] Machine de brasquage [B] Machine de brasquage [C] Machine de brasquage [D]
Potlining Machine

The potlining machine is designed to handle materials such as : Cathode, block, bricks, etc… and with its compaction device able to do the ramming of a complete pot.

Available options:

  • Bricks installation
  • Cathodes installation
  • Side slabs installation
  • Paste ramming

Main advantages:

  • Reduced dimensions
    • Approx length: 5.8m
    • Approx width: 1.8m
    • Approx height: 2.4m
  • Move directly on the potshell
  • No assembly is required at the client location (the machine is completly assembled before delivery)
  • Localisation system relative to the potshell
  • Operation sound level: < 75 dB
  • Data box & constant data collection compatible with Equibras systems already in operation.

Equibras is available on demand to participate in the evaluation of cost reduction potential with a given client.

Pot ramming machine

The ramming machine is designed to allow the safe and effective realization of the compaction of the ramming paste using a patented process.

  • Compaction of the joints between cathodes
  • Compaction of the perimeter joint
  • Noise level lower than 75 dB
  • Automatic data logger
  • Operator in seated position
  • Paste feeder

Note: More than 20 machines have been put in service.

Delining machine

* In Construction *