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Cathode rodding

Coffre à Outils (type 2)
Tools Box (2)

The Tools boxes are available on different models. They are used for storage or transportation of Potlining equipment

Système de manutention d'objet (Potence)
Side Slab Handling System [type 2]

A crane equipped with a vaccuum system that is able to carry slabs or bags.

Access stair

Stairs that provide access to the pot that are automatically adjustable to the various briquetting levels.

Fourche auto-équilibrante
Self-Balancing Fork [type 2]

A lifting system for brick/bag pallets that is fixed to the hook on the overhead travelling crane (self-balancing).

Pilonnette pour damage
Tamper for ramming [type 2]

The tamper is used to compact the ramming paste during the operation of brasquage.

Couverture isolantes (type 2)
Insulating blanket (2)

Insulating blanket used during the potlining process to preserve the cathode blocks temperature.

Palonnier (type 1)
Lifting Beam(2)

The lifting beam is used to install the cathode blocks or side blocks in the potshell.

Outils génériques pour scellement des cathodes
Generic tools for cathode rodding

Engineering and fabrication of miscellaneous tools for cathode rodding (based on client technical information)

Extracteur de barre cathodique
Cathode bar extractor

The cathode bar extractor is composed of a winch and rollers used to remove the cathode bars from a sealed cathode bloc.