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To optimize your operations
Équibras offers industries that are using the technology at issue - i.e. aluminum smelters - innovative solutions that can be adapted seamlessly to their specific requirements.

Customized solutions
Équibras input is primarily directed towards optimizing the use of the already existing facilities/services, while taking into account the particularities of the given milieu.

Inventive solutions
The solutions we suggest often entail the discovery, development and implementation of new solutions, whether it involves our client's equipment, tools or work methods.

Areas of activity
The range of services that we offer can be defined as follows: 
*  the design and conceptualization of new equipment and tools;
*  the enhancement of existing equipment and tools;
*  technical support.

Creativity to meet any challenge
Équibras can find the creative solutions that will live up to your expectations.
Enriched by wide-ranging experience acquired over the past few years, the company is eager to satisfactorily meet any challenge that any producer puts on the table, both technically and practically.

Quality is at the top of our list
At Équibras, we strive for a job well done. This assertion neatly sums up the attitude that guides all the work we do.

And ambition       
Anything is possible for Équibras and our primary goal is to take on and meet new challenges, whose level of difficulty is ever more complex.